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The Supply Chain

Eagles Pride Hatchery is self-sufficient in its supply of fertile hatching eggs. The entire supply chain process is monitored on a daily basis by Eagles Pride veterinarians, breeder and laying managers, hatchery managers and technical teams.

Stage 1: Parent broiler breeder chicks

Eagles Pride Hatchery rears hundreds of thousands of broiler breeders annually. These chicks are all placed on Eagles Pride rearing farms and placements of new broiler breeder chicks happen every second week on a continuous basis. New parent stock chicks consist of three different breeds, namely Ross 308, COBB 500 and Arbor Acres. After 21 weeks the broiler breeders are transferred from rearing farms to laying farms.

Group of a-grade broiler chicks standing on shavings
Closeup broiler chicks

Stage 2: Laying

Laying hens are kept on laying farms for 43 weeks before they are replaced with new layer flocks. Laying hens will produce on average one fertile egg every 24 hours during their lifetime. Fertile eggs are collected and transported in Eagles Pride owned climate-controlled trucks and delivered to our hatcheries on a daily basis.

Chickens in laying boxes
Hand holding up egg in a laying hen house

Stage 3: Hatcheries

Fertile broiler eggs from the layer farms are delivered to our hatcheries on a daily basis. Fertile broiler eggs are set in setters for 18 days from where they are transferred to hatchers. After 3 days in climate-controlled hatchers the broiler chicks are hatched.

Incubator room
A group of newly hatched broiler chicks

Stage 4: Distribution

Eagles Pride day-old broiler chicks are delivered daily to growers in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Free State, North West Province, Botswana, and Swaziland by our own climate-controlled fleet. Our trucks drive on average 1,7 million kilometres per year.

Vehicles branded with the Eagles Pride Hatchery Logo
A truck used for the transportation of day-old broiler chicks

Stage 5: Growers

 Eagles Pride day-old broiler chicks are delivered to our clients across the provinces.

Vaccinated day-old chicks
COBB500 Chicken breed