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Broiler Guides

Our day-old broiler chicks come from the best breeding lines currently available, and knowing how to take care of your broiler chicks properly is of the utmost importance.

At Eagles Pride Hatchery, we currently offer three broiler chick breeds, namely Ross, Arbor Acres and Cobb. These breeds represent decades of research and innovation, culminating in healthy breeds that have been specifically bred for the broiler market. The breeds we offer have all been recognised as leading breeds within the broiler chick industry.


Understanding how to manage your chicks is vital, and the following broiler guides will empower you to manage your business efficiently.

A Ross broiler chicken

Ross Broiler Guide

Ross 308

The Ross 308 is a very popular broiler currently hatched in South Africa with a great balance of breeder, broiler and processing performance.


Arbor acres

Arbor Acres Broiler Guide

Arbor Acres

The Arbor Acres broiler has been bred to produce chicken efficiently through consistent parent performance and excellent broiler performance.


COBB500 Chicken breed

Cobb Broiler Guide

COBB 500

A globally recognised breed, Cobb broilers are well-suited to both whole and cut up portions. This breed offers high performance and consistency.