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Chick Care

Brooding is defined as the management of chicks from one day old to about 7 days old, and it involves the provision of heat and other necessary care during the chicks’ early growing period. As brooding is an important management practice in poultry production, it is important to know the required brooding equipment.

Feature One: Temperature

During the brooding process, the objective is to stimulate both appetite and activity as early as possible. Achieving house optimum temperature is critical.

The purpose of brooding is to raise healthy chicks and provide the required heat until they are able to adapt and regulate their body temperature to the desired temperature. 

Feature Two: Air Quality

Ventilation distributes heat throughout the house and maintains good air quality in the brooding area.

Good air quality prevents high levels of ammonia and maintains the correct levels of oxygen in the brooding house. Uneven airflow will create hot and cold spots and can cause chickens to stop eating and drinking as required.

Feature Three: Water and Feed Management

Water is an essential nutrient that impacts virtually all physiological functions. Chicks must have access to fresh, clean water at all times. Correct stimulation of activity during the first 5-7 days is necessary for optimal feed consumption, digestive and immune system development.

Feature Four: Uniformity in the Brooding House

Uniformity is the key to good and consistent results and can only be achieved after doing a great brooding job in the first 14 days.

The critical factors are temperature, air quality, water, medicine and feed. Follow the specific breed guideline to achieve the required standards.

Feature Five: Weight gain and Mortality

For better weight gain, lowest mortality, immunity building in birds and disease protection, it is highly recommended to use the best quality poultry medicines.

To know more about the broiler poultry medication speak to the supplier to understand the broiler poultry medicine chart.

Feature Six: Chick behaviour

Chick behaviour is the best indicator of healthy brooding.  With correct brooding, correct temperature and healthy chicks you will notice the chicks forming groups, with movement occurring between groups.

There should be continuous feeding and drinking within the flock. Brooding Management is done in the first 14 days of the broiler’s life and is the most sensitive period because the broiler is changing from an immature chick to a mature chicken.

Vaccinated day-old broiler chicks
A group of a-grade broiler chicks