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Health & Safety

Nothing is more important to us than maintaining our excellent health and safety standards throughout our operations. We apply, manage and maintain the highest hygiene and safety protocols at every step of the process.

Healthy chicks become healthy chickens. That’s why it is so important that we ensure the health and safety of our chicks, from hatching to placement. The first 7 days of a chicken’s life are a critical indicator of their future health and growth.

To keep our chicks safe and healthy, we follow stringent guidelines that dictate quality assurance from feed, to vaccinations, to transport. We employ a combination of cutting-edge technologies, modern techniques, and decades of experience to ensure that our chicks are rated top quality.

A large group of day-old chicks standing together on shavings
Vaccinations and biosecurity


All our chicks are vaccinated before they are transported to the farms. The vaccinations used are constantly improved and updated to keep up with new emerging pathogens.

Prevention of diseases is a crucial and constant focus point for the poultry industry. Biosecurity measures are implemented throughout our hatcheries and farms, and stringent guidelines are followed to ensure that our chicks are not exposed to dangerous pathogens.

We disinfect daily throughout our facilities, ensuring that elements such as incubators, chick transport crates, equipment and our fleet are sanitised to the highest standards of cleanliness.

A temperature-controlled chicken house filled with broiler chicksTemperature & humidity


As young chicks cannot regulate their own body heat until they have properly developed feathers, supplemental heat is vital to ensure the health of young chicks. Temperature and humidity are critical for the healthy development of chicks, and they require a warm and draft-free environment in order to survive and thrive. Our chicks are kept in holding rooms that are environmentally controlled, ensuring their comfort and safety before they are transported to the farms.

Air quality is constantly monitored and managed, and we use state-of-the-art ventilation systems to ensure that our chicks receive enough oxygen, and that noxious gases and excess moisture are removed.

A man loading crates into a truckTransport


During transport, our chicks’ wellbeing is a critical concern. At Eagles Pride Hatchery, we use trucks that have been specifically designed with the chicks’ comfort and safety in mind. During transport, elements such as temperature, humidity and airflow are carefully monitored and managed.

With seasonal changes in temperature, our delivery times are carefully adjusted to ensure that chicks are not transported when it is too warm and ensuring that there is sufficient ventilation between chick boxes and crates.